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Different is good. So many times we attend conferences and seminars and listen to speakers who ultimately have little or no effect on how we think and how we perform. Especially once we come home and are absorbed in the environment we’ve become accustomed to. It doesn't always have to be that way.

With over 20 years of speaking experience and work with audiences of all ages and backgrounds, Ron Rabou is a breath of fresh air. Not spit-polished ready to deliver a canned message, Ron offers a non-traditional approach that is enjoyable, refreshing and thought provoking. Scrapping the “I talk, you listen” approach, his presentations are interactive, fun and enlightening - all things needed in our sometimes overwhelming lives. Not profound for the sake of being profound, but just good common sense that helps bring clarity and simplification to a world full of sophistication and complexity. He is a voice of reason in a time where change is thrust upon us and the fast pace of our lives dictates our priorities.

Ron is a true entrepreneur with a career thus far that includes vast experience in speaking, communications training, public relations, fundraising, foundation and private business experience. He is co-author of a self-help book, “Keep it Simple: The 12 Core Values that Lead to Personal and Professional Success" and past host of the radio program, “ReThink on the Radio”. He owns and manages multiple companies, including an organic wheat farm, numerous real estate interests, a music production company, and a hunting and guiding business. He is a member of the Cheyenne Rotary Club and a graduate of the University of Wyoming and resides on his farm near Albin, Wyoming with his wife and 3 sons.



Life is complicated enough, yet we tend to complicate it more even when we don’t need to. Change brings opportunity and our effectiveness as individuals can be increased when we focus on our similarities rather than our differences. In the end we are all much more alike than we are different.


In a world full of the commitment to corporate profits, it’s vital to the success of any organization, no matter the size, to remember where those profits come from. This presentation is very enlightening when it comes to shedding perspective on the age old statement “The customer is always right.”


The organic movement is here to stay and understanding the value behind it can change your business model, your profits and the sustainability of your land forever.


Making it past the emotions and learning how to make it work. The negotiation process, agreeing to disagree, creating viability and still loving each other in the end. *Can also be used in a consulting format.


In a world full of technology, self driving cars, virtual reality and the ease of importing products into the United States, is American Agriculture even relevant anymore? Farm land, farm families and farm incomes have been on a steady decline for years. Is it just a matter of time before American Agriculture disappears from our landscape?



Bring a new level of professionalism and entertainment to your event. Many years of event experience make Ron an easy choice when it comes to handling everything from introductions, time management, humor, and keeping your event running smoothly from start to finish. It’s about time you sit back, relax and leave the stress behind.


There is a secret to effective leadership, but it probably isn’t what you think. And it can fundamentally change the success of your organization.

Scared of selling? Can’t get motivated? Using some of the skills you already have, you can be prosperous in the world of selling.

Not knowing how to handle the media can be enormously costly. And knowing how to properly deal with the media can pay dividends. This one is a must.

The million dollar question: “How do you hire the right people?” Though there is no magical formula, there is a right and a wrong way to find qualified people and interview them effectively.

It’s no surprise that the majority of people fear speaking in front of others more than they do death itself. The basics in this seminar will have a profound impact on changing that mindset.

When was the last time you attended a meeting that took too long, accomplished too little, and left you thinking about how much time you just wasted? This simple session can change that for good.

Effective teams are virtually unstoppable. Ineffective teams are disastrous. Become a powerhouse. Enough said.


Creating cohesiveness in the work environment, improving employee and management relations and enhancing employee performance. A multi-step process that begins with breaking down the social and professional barriers in the workplace.

Making it past the emotions and learning how to make it work. The negotiation process, agreeing to disagree, creating viability and still loving each other in the end. *Can also be used in a presentation format.

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ReThink the Basics

What is ReThink? It’s a concept, really. An idea that often, the answers are right in front of us. But because we’re so consumed with the pace of our lives or our priorities of the moment, we overlook the obvious.

ReThink is a reminder, an invitation to think again about the things we already know, but have somehow forgotten.

It’s not fancy and spit-polished and sophisticated for the sake of being profound. It’s much simpler than that, really. It’s two guys asking you to do the unthinkable: rethink the basics.

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Thank you to Miss America 2011 winner, Teresa Scanlan, for writing the foreword of our book!

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Rabou Farms is a 5th generation family farm located in southeastern Wyoming owned by Ron & Julie Rabou. A strong, long lasting relationship with our buyers is very important to our operation and our family. Organic wheat is our primary crop and we are proud to produce it using clean, high quality standards.

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